Road Freight


Our highway transportation group provides efficient truckload and LTL transportation services at competitive pricing throughout Bangladesh. By partnering with thousands of pre-qualified carriers, One Freight has the flexibility to match your distinct transportation needs with the right carrier for the job. Our stringent carrier qualification process ensures clean, secure, and safe equipment and drivers.


Rail Freight

Dhaka being the capital is main city of Bangladesh. 70% of factories are situated in Dhaka. Chittagong at a distance of 276 kilometer is the main seaport connected by rail from ICD Dhaka. There are often situation while road transport cost rises higher, right in the moment of festival, or any rush situation Rail freight is much cost effective than road freight and off course cheapest and safest carriage mode. Factories situated in Dhaka requires loading either in factory premises or in Dhaka ICD to get connected with Rails Services up to Chittagong Port. We One Freight offering rail transport services covering flat wagons including loading/offloading and obtaining rail permits by concluding contracts with Bangladesh Railways. 

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